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You will read about our adoption there, which two years ago this month failed, leaving us broken hearted and our little girl back in Africa to live out the remainder of her life with a painful disease that could be easily managed here in the U.S. Sometimes life doesn't make sense. The past two years were the deepest creative slump I have ever experienced. We moved away from Alaska, lost the girl we tried so desperately to adopt, we laid to rest loved ones passed away, and were dealt health blows that ended in surgery.

We moved back to Alaska.

Alaska is my muse, it is the heart beat behind my work and where I am most creatively free.

I live in an area surrounded by mountains that shoot straight up from the sea to the sky, where there are more miles of trails to explore than there are roads to drive, where a bear walking through the backyard is a common occurrence when the blueberry bushes are thick and where Northern Lights can bring an an entire community out on a frozen lake in the middle of the night just to see them. I do not lack for inspiration up here in the North.

Capturing the essence of Alaska with silver, stone and mixed metals is my passion. I love to design my pieces from the beauty already masterfully crafted in nature that surrounds me up here.

The past two years have been difficult. Alaska pulled me out of my slump and re awakened my passion for creating. It pushed me to keep climbing mountains and exploring trails for inspiration to new pieces I hope you will love. Thank you all so much for your support, for the customers who have become friends and loyal companions, to fellow artists who have cheered me on, I couldn't do any of this with out you. Let's toast to 2016 and the grand adventures it holds. May they be filled with dear friendships, campfires and new stories that will be passed on to generations.

From Alaska with love,
Angie, Reuben & Porter

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